Photon Solar Off-grid Inverter

Photon Solar Off-Grid Power Plants are smart integrated plants that produce and supply backup power from solar energy and the grid. They consist of highly efficient Inverters, Solar Modules and Batteries providing an all-in-one solution.The Inverters combine the functions of an inverter, solar charger and ac charger, in a slim and compact wall mount cabinet. They generate and supply pure sine wave AC electricity for stand alone or backup power demands.The Inverters ultra fast transfer time enables support for home appliances and sensitive computer equipment.

Smart Power!

The Photon Edge

1. Solar and AC Charging

These inverters are designed to work with Solar Power and AC (Mains / Generator)which can be configured via a comprehensiveuser - configurable LCD panel.

2. Latest Sleek Modern Design

The inverters come in latest sleek space saving design which can be wall-mounted to save space, be non intrusive, gel with the aesthetics and provide more options for placement.

3. Use it anywhere indoor / outdoor

The inverters can be placed anywhere thanks to the IP 65 protection system designed to withstand the harsh conditions outdoors.

4. Smart Battery Charger

Featuring a multiple stage smart charging design for the battery longevity, this inverter is also equipped to withstand an over load and short circuits.

5. High Surge Power Capability

The worry-free start up motor- type manages loads such as a pump because of the high surge power capability

6. PC Connect

These units can be connected to a computer through the USB and RS-232 interface (or the optional SNMP / Modbus Card) to monitor the performance of the inverter in real - time.

Photon are the leaders in Solar Power & Water heating systems in India for the last 15 years. The high efficiency modules used in the power packs are certified by UL & TUV. Photon also takes up complete turnkey design & integration solutions for all solar power requirements.

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